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Walnut Kernel

A few kinds are offered:

White blend- 1,2/ 1,4 / 1,8 and separate kernel in mahogany color.
Separated into fractions- white 1/2, white 1/4, white 1/8.

Offered in five- layer corrugated cardboard.

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Walnut Shell

In Shumen region the gahtering of walnuts starts in the end of August and the beginning of September. The company relies on careful cleaning, drying and preparing of walnuts.

We work with different sorts:"Sheynovo", "Dryanovo", "Shipka" and so on. Walnut is offered not calibrated and calibrated in size from 28+ to 34+.

The packages are egalizated in white nylon bags with a weight at the request of the client.

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Cold Room

We can provide a Cold Room, 600 m3 on area of 110m2 and height 5m, which you can rent.

It`s under 24h surveilence with security cameras and guards.

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Vacuum Packaging

We offer to our clients Vacuum packaging of 5kg or smaller packets, depending on the requirements.

Also, regular (non-vacuum) packages of 250gr and others, depending on the requirements and the price can be nogitiated.